Ting Sun

Ting Sun is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Natomas Charter. She has more than 25 years in the field of education, most all of which have been dedicated to educational reform and charter schools. In addition to teaching and school administration, Ting has served on the CANEC Board, managed the federal charter schools start-up grant at CDE, initiated quality and leadership programs as Vice President of Leadership and Quality at CCSA, and conducted charter reviews as senior consultant for Cambridge Education. Ms. Sun also served on the CCTC from 2007-2011 and as Chair of the CCTC from 2009-2011. Ting is also a long-time member of the PSAA Advisory Committee. Natomas Charter Schools was named the 2006 Hart Vision Charter School of the Year by CCSA.

Ms. Sun received the Legacy Award at the 20th Annual Charter Schools Conference. The Legacy Awards were created to celebrate those outstanding charter school supporters, funders, operators and elected officials who have been stewards of the movement over the last 20 years. Each Legacy Award winner represents the hope and dedication of two generations of California Charter School students.