Mary Bixby

Mary Searcy Bixby has led The Charter School of San Diego since its inception in 1994. She serves as the spiritual and organizational leader for the school’s support team and is responsible for its short- and longterm objectives, growth and strategic plans. Continuing her decadeslong commitment to educational reform that has touched the lives of more than 33,000 students, Bixby created The Altus Institute. Altus acts as a resource for innovative methodologies regarding alternative education and serves as an overarching guide to its many entities- The Charter School of San Diego, Audeo Charter School and Mirus Secondary School. For her legendary contributions to education in San Diego County, Bixby was named a Remarkable Leaders in Education by the University of San Diego.The California Network of Educational Charter Schools acknowledged Mary’s innovative work that led to the creation of a citywide charter school when they awarded her with their first Senator Gary Hart Vision Award in 1995.

Ms. Bixby received the Legacy Award at the 20th Annual Charter Schools Conference. The Legacy Awards were created to celebrate those outstanding charter school supporters, funders, operators and elected officials who have been stewards of the movement over the last 20 years. Each Legacy Award winner represents the hope and dedication of two generations of California Charter School students.