Don Shalvey

Don Shalvey is the Deputy Director for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s US Programs Education initiative. In 1992 Mr. Shalvey served as the Superintendent of San Carlos School District, where he sponsored California’s first Charter School. In 1998, he and entrepreneur Reed Hastings, co-founded Californians for Public School Excellence, a grass-roots organization that led to the passage of the Charter Schools Act of 1998. Later that year he co-founded Aspire Public Schools, the nation’s first CMO. Mr. Shalvey is a Hart Vision Award winner and in 2009, he was elected to the Charter School Hall of Fame by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Mr. Shalvey currently serves on the CCSA Board of Directors.

Mr. Shalvey received the Legacy Award at the 20th Annual Charter Schools Conference. The Legacy Awards were created to celebrate those outstanding charter school supporters, funders, operators and elected officials who have been stewards of the movement over the last 20 years. Each Legacy Award winner represents the hope and dedication of two generations of California Charter School students.