Ana Ponce

Ana Ponce is the Chief Executive Officer of Camino Nuevo Charter Academy (CNCA), a network of high performing charter schools serving more than 3000 Pre-K through 12th grade students near Downtown Los Angeles. CNCA schools are recognized as models for serving predominantly Latino English Language Learners and have won various awards and distinctions including the Title 1 Academic Achievement Award, the California Association of Bilingual Education Seal of Excellence, the California Distinguished Schools award, and the Effective Practice Incentive Community (EPIC) award. Originally from Mexico, Ana grew up in the neighborhood where her schools are located, and which she vowed to transform when she chose to teach. She kept her promise and built a network of schools in that community as a beacon of hope for all who dream that attaining educational success is a reality for immigrant children. In 2011, Forbes named her one of the “Seven most influential educators in the world.” Ana currently serves as the Secretary of the CCSA Board of Directors.

Ana received the Legacy Award at the 20th Annual Charter Schools Conference. The Legacy Awards were created to celebrate those outstanding charter school supporters, funders, operators and elected officials who have been stewards of the movement over the last 20 years. Each Legacy Award winner represents the hope and dedication of two generations of California Charter School students.