SIATech Los Angeles

SIATech Los Angeles students had the opportunity to participate in a Run DMC workshop at the Grammy museum located in Downtown Los Angeles in August 2011.

Run DMC was a hip hop group that was active from 1981-2002. The group has been very influential with their music. DMC took time out of his busy schedule to personally deliver an inspirational message to SIATech students.

SIATech is an award-winning network of charter schools focused on dropout recovery. SIATech is a WASC-accredited high school that operates in partnership with the federal Job Corps and Workforce Investment Act programs on eight campuses throughout California. The school serves 100% low-income and previously out-of-school youth.

SIATech excels at identifying student strengths and individualizing instruction to meet each student’s needs and goals. The school’s safe and caring setting enables students to take charge of their learning and obtain the tools they need for lifetime success, whether it is at their chosen career or further education.

The performance and interaction motivated students to look at their own unique talents and think about how to use them to help make change in the world. Students were particularly interested in Run DMC’s statement, “Your situation does NOT define who you are.”

SIATech students left the event motivated and excited. “I thought it was inspiring and encouraging to new artists,” said student Raja Daniels. Another student, Diamond Wedlow, mentioned, “DMC is a great role model and the world needs more people like him.”