Dr. Jacqueline Elliott

Dr. Jacqueline Elliott has been in the charter movement since 1995 and believes we are in one of the toughest periods we have ever been in. Despite academic success, there continue to be attacks on charter schools and misinformation and myths spread about us. It is a constant struggle to secure the funding and facilities we need to serve our students, much less be able to grow to serve more students.

Far too many students in Los Angeles aren’t getting the great public education they deserve. That’s why Partnerships to Uplift Communities (PUC Schools) have opened 13 schools - to provide low-income students in Northeast LA and the Northeast San Fernando Valley what they deserved: a great public education that would prepare them for success in college and life. PUC Schools has a 90 percent graduation rate from high school, with 100 percent of our students having been admitted to college when they graduate and 70 percent going directly to 4-year universities.

She believes we are at a critical moment for education reform in Los Angeles and it is up to charter school supporters to stand up and make sure elected leaders are held accountable because students deserve nothing less.