Cameron Curry

Cameron Curry, executive director of The Classical Academy, received the Hart Vision Award for Charter Leader of the Year at the 18th Annual Charter Schools Conference in 2011. The Classical Academy has been recognized for partnering with families in order to inspire each student to think critically, communicate effectively, and achieve success by providing academic choice.

The Classical Academy opened in 1999 in the San Diego area with 200 students. Their three schools and one personalized center currently have an enrollment of more than 2,600 students, and each student receives a personalized crafted academic plan. Since their inception twelve years ago, The Classical Academies have run a hybrid model, focusing their services on independent study options for students. While some are in the classroom 2-3 days a week, others can choose to be home-schooled full time.

Cameron is one of the most active charter school leaders in the state, and has been a strong voice for the choices available in the charter school movement. He is known as someone who continues to advocate for the culture that everyone has different needs, and that there is choice out there to meet those needs.

He is a strong believer that the charter school movement is about choice and strives to find a quality program to meets every child’s needs.