Teressa Zayas

Just months after Teressa Zayas entered SIATech High School in Long Beach, she has shown above average determination and leadership skills. Her personality and her actions are those of a relentless student wanting the best for her future and her community. This sentiment is echoed by her own words as she said, “Nobody will ever stand in the way of my goals.”

Teressa is from Riverside, Ca, and attended high school at a local school. She left her school because of the peer-pressure lifestyle and her perception that not a single person cared for her future. She did not feel that teachers or staff were looking out for her or cared if she succeeded or failed, and then began earning bad grades and ended up not graduating.

After time passed, Teressa felt she needed to do something with her life. She had a conversation about Job Corps with her sister and decided to apply and take a tour of the different sites in California. She chose Long Beach because the site felt welcoming, and it was the place she envisioned to start a new life. Long Beach Job Corps was the place where a new step and a new vision would spark to help meet the goals of Teressa’s new life.

Teresa has since finished her Medical Office Support Trade, and is getting ready to receive her high school diploma.

“SIATech High School has been a great learning experience,” said Teresa. With the help of the teachers, curriculum, and classes, she was engaged in a fun learning experience for different from the experiences at other schools.