Jasmine Perez

Jasmine Perez is a junior at Arroyo Paseo Charter High School in San Diego. She was one of nine students nationwide selected to participate in the Girls On Ice program in July 2011. Girls On Ice is a wilderness science education program for high school-aged girls that started over a decade ago. The students get hands-on experience as they work on research, experiments, and presentations alongside professional female scientists.

Before Girls on Ice, this 16-year-old high school student had not travelled far from home. She was excited to experiment on glaciers and learn temperatures. She admits to always being interested in science and has developed skills in that subject area.

To Dr. Brian Thurman, principal of Arroyo Paseo Charter, Perez’s selection to the program is a sign of the charter’s commitment to students and education. She has come a long way since entering Arroyo Paseo Charter High, where she credits her teachers, in particular Melanie Harrington, with nurturing her love for science.

Perez plans to attend college and be a veterinarian in order to help animals.