Warren Cornelio

Warren Cornelio is one of the most unique people you will ever meet. He has a personality that is fun, upbeat and positive. However it was not always as upbeat and positive during the beginning of his SIATech High School (Long Beach) experience.

If you ask him about his first day of class, he probably will not remember because he was sleeping, not doing work, and he did not listen to directions. Warren’s story begins when he was in elementary school. Living with his mother, grandma, and sister, he described himself as a troublemaker. When he was 18-years-old, his school gave him three options: Job Corps, military, or a GED program.

Warren chose to come to Long Beach Job Corps. Once there, he enrolled in SIATech High School. After a few weeks, his attitude completely changed. He never felt that left behind, especially with SIATech’s model of a self-paced curriculum. He appreciated the constant help of teachers and their mentoring, which helped him envision a different present and future. Warren is now a different student. He comes to class everyday with a smile and an outburst of positive energy.