Senator Bob Huff

Huff 2010 Standing Photo 2.jpg

Senator Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) was honored by the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) with the Hart Vision Award for Elected Leader of the Year. The senator has been described as a dedicated public servant and a committed charter school champion.

Senator Huff currently serves the 29th District and is the Senate Republican Leader in the California State Senate. He is also a member of the Senate Education Committee. Senator Huff has been a champion for protecting the integrity of the California Charter Schools Act and an outstanding force in education at the Capitol.

The senator has shown leadership in expanding school choice for parents and students, including two reauthorizations of the School District of Choice program, the creation of the Open Enrollment Act, and the nationally recognized “Parent Trigger” law. He advocates for greater flexibility for all public schools, not just charter schools, so that they can make decisions that put students first.

Senator Huff authored Assembly Bill 740 in 2005, which dramatically reformed the categorical block grant, including garnering additional per pupil funding in the grant - upwards of $200 additional dollars per student. In 2006, recognizing the needs of charter schools for safe and adequate facilities, he introduced two bills designed to expand access to the SB 740 facility grant program.

Senator Huff continued his fight for charter school facilities on the State Allocation Board in 2010, where he helped ensure charter schools had access to state bond funds for charter school construction projects, and has consistently defended charter schools against disproportionate budget cuts in his role on the Senate Budget Committee. His goal is to ensure all public school students, including those in charters, are treated equitably.