ACEL Fresno Charter High School

The Academy for Civic and Entrepreneurial Leadership (ACEL Fresno) is a personalized, public, tuition-free, charter high school that connects a diverse student body with entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities and meaningful project-based-learning.

In 2011, two ACEL Fresno students travelled to Sacramento where they were participants in the Youth Council for Sustainable Communities. As part of their service, the two students met with legislators and testified before lawmakers regarding issues that relate to sustainability and child welfare.

Dave Childers, ACEL Fresno Executive Director/Principal, noted that these experiences give students the opportunity to practice leadership outside the classroom and alongside the people who run our state. As part of the council, the two students had summer internships at Fresno City Hall

The Youth Council for Sustainable Communities is a partnership between The California Center for Civic Participation, the Center for Multicultural Cooperation, and the Wangari Maathai Center. Students from Sacramento, Fresno, and the Bay Area are able to participate in the programs.